New To The Server

Are you new to the server, or just need information to refresh the ol' noggin? Look no further, here you can find the answers to your questions! (Probably)

How do I join the Loverfella Minecraft Server?

You must have an Official, paid-for, PC Java version of Minecraft (We do not have a Bedrock or Pocket Edition Server). We do not allow "cracked" versions, mcleak accounts nor T-Launcher on this server.

Log on to your Official Mojang Java Edition Minecraft Launcher

2. Once on the launch screen select the "
Multiplayer" Option

3. Select "
Add Server"

4. Choose a server name, this can be anything, for example "

5. The server address is what will allow you to access to server, in this section enter

6. We happen to have custom models and textures on our server and highly suggest setting "Server Resource Packs" to "Enabled"

You can always change this in the future.

I'm new, how do I play/get started?

Welcome to the Loverfella server! There’s a bunch of stuff to do whether it is trying to not fall off the world in Skyblock or avoiding players & monsters trying to kill you in our Survival server. ‎

To get started: ‎
1. Click on the Compass in the toolbar. ‎
2. In the Menu that appears, you can click on the blocks to select which server you want to enter: ‎

- SkyBlock: Diamond Block
- Mega Survival: Beacon
- Creative: Grass Block
- Craft Or Die: Crafting Table (Weekends only)
- Events: Purple Block (only during events) ‎

Be sure to fully explore the Spawn before leaving it & review the floating informational signs for useful commands & directions to Spawn Stores, PVP Arena & Crates.

When are the Loverfella Events and how do I join them?

Loverfella usually holds events Monday - Friday and can be anytime between 12 noon (EST) and 3pm (EST). At times, he may run (2) events on Thursdays & Friday. There are also community events that you can participate in that happen at random, be sure to keep up with the community events channel on our discord server!

Where are the rules and what happens if I choose not to follow them?

Minecraft rules are located in the #📜mc-rules channel, while discord rules are #📜discord-rules lack of ad-heading to the rules will result in punishments equal to the said violation, repeated offenses will result in higher punishments being handed out, we do this to create a safe environment for all our members and to discourage the act of rule violations.

How do I purchase ranks?

Ranks, Keys, Loverbux, and more in-game goodies can be purchased through