March 10, 2021: Minecraft FAQ

Whats up Loverfam the Staff team has decided to do a survey so we can get better insight on what you think would be useful to include on the FAQ Site. To thank you for being a loyal member of the community we will be giving some prizes away to random winners selected out of those that submitted an entry, not everyone will win but we plan on giving away 3 Random Prizes, if you're interested please be sure to submit an entry and you will be notified on discord and on the FAQ page if you've won! Be sure to tell your friends to also enter and depending on how useful this is to us and how much attention we receive from the community we may decide to do future giveaway as well!

You can receive any of the below prizes at random if selected, but you will not receive all 3 prizes.
- 1k Loverbux
- 1 Month of Nitro Premium
- 1 Strawberry/Savory Key
Event Ends: 4/01/2021



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